Design Tutorial: Create a Graphic for a New Year Sale

New year graphic design tutorial

In today’s design tutorial, we’re going to be creating a graphic that you can use to promote a New Year sale.

Watch the video preview below then follow along this post for step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: Select a solid red color background

Red background

Step 2: Add a solid white circle to the middle of the canvas

White circle

Step 3: Create a shadow effect

To create the shadow effect, duplicate the white circle and then change the colour to a dark red.

Dark red circle

Then, move this layer back behind the white circle and center it horizontally.

Move layer back

Step 4: Create the ornament effect

First, add a small red circle (same colour as background) over top of the large white circle. This creates a see-through effect.

Small red circle

Then, add a thick solid line hanging from the top of the canvas to the top off the small red circle. This creates the effect of a hanging ornament.

Thick solid line

Step 5: Add text over the white circle

For this part, you can add whichever font combinations you’d like. In this case, we’re using a combination of Open Sans and Verdana. We’ve also reduced the letter spacing for the world “sale”.

New year sale text

Step 6: Add a red rectangle under the text

Red rectangle

Step 7: Add offer details within the rectangle

Offer details

About the author: Christopher is the co-founder of Snappa – the fastest way to create graphics. Get started for free.

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